58 – 65/375


Because of the not so amazingly exciting nature of this photo, all I can say is that this is some shadowy shapes spinning some kind of fitting on the kitchen floor.




The only photo taken today was of these march flies, about thirty that were magically inside of living room when we woke up today. Luckily they were all  extremely docile.


Simply the result of standing in the pooled water at the bottom of the slide..


Today I photographed Aunty Rah’s boyfriend Lyle for a spread he’s scored in the local music newspaper. Fin hung around, rockin’ his shades.


Ché was cleaning up books of his own volition today..


The shower in the new house is busted up and needs to be replaced.. in the meantime we’ve been using this portable shower.. creatively.




The bunnies go nuts about anything that comes in mini-sized containers.. add fruit to the mix and to be honest, they’d probably eat their weight in the stuff.



 Happy birthday Ché Montreo! Today was the 12th of February, the day you were born two years ago. Your day wasn’t what we wanted – the typical lounge room full of balloons just wasn’t practical today as it was moving day to the new house. The new oven was broken so you had to be content with eating just the cake batter (pretty exciting on it’s own, but I just know you would have adored a candle-lit cake). I’m sad you won’t have memories of a traditional birthday to call upon next year when we celebrate, but we did our best. But you got a new house for a present, that is a really huge day anyway.



It’s a few days away from moving house (Jeeze, nobody’s counting how late these are, right?) and the garlands are coming down, but certainly can’t be packed away before being appreciated up close, apparently.